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BASSnet Highlight: Template Manager to Customise Crew Contracts & Certificates

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BASSnet HR Manager software makes your crew management and payroll processes efficient end-to-end.

Digitally Manage Your Crew Contracts

Shipping companies often manage a large crew across their fleet. The HR team must manage bulky and complex contracts, as well as create certificates to properly record crew training.

It can be an overwhelming task to keep up with documentation, minimise errors and ensure compliance, especially for crew across a large fleet.

Shipping companies will benefit from human resources software that enables them to digitally manage templates and customise crew contracts. BASSnet HR Manager is the best-in-class solution with the valuable Template Manager to create and customise crew contracts and certificates.


Powerful Ability to Customise Crew Contracts 

Customise crew contracts with BASSnet Template Manager

Customise crew contracts & certificates with the BASSnet Template Manager


With the Template Manager, BASSnet HR Manager enables users to:

  • Customise crew contracts and certificates using predefined templates.
    • Create customised Word document reports such as the Seafarer’s Employment Agreement (SEA).
    • Create customised in-house Training Certificates for the crew.
  • Convert Word documents into the standard template to be customised and used by users.
  • Conveniently print contracts directly from the personnel’s profile.
  • Enjoy the convenience of automation as, once certificate templates are connected to certificate records as applicable, the system will automatically generate a soft copy when assigned to a crew member.

Benefit from Digitally Managing Your Templates

Use the BASSnet Template Manager to gain the following benefits:

  1. Greater flexibility to customise crew contracts and certificates.
  2. Improved compliance and consistent quality documents using company standards.
  3. Time-savings using standardised templates.
  4. Easy digital management of templates across the entire fleet.

Ensure the ability to digitally personalise your crew contracts and certificates.

Reach out to learn more about the BASSnet Template Manager!


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