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Product Update Announcement: New BASSnet 2.11 Service Pack 2 is Live

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BASSnet Fleet Management Systems is an advanced, user-friendly ERP software that pushes the boundaries of maritime technology. We are excited to launch our latest product update.

BASSnet 2.11 Service Pack 2 is now available for all users.


Sail Safely & Efficiently into a Greener Future

This product update includes valuable enhancements:

  • Enhanced Observation reporting details for Vetting exercises in accordance with upcoming OCIMF SIRE 2.0 requirements.


  • Brand new Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) calculator to assist ship owners and managers to prepare for CII requirements in force on January 1st, 2023.


  • New built-in E-Signature feature for Work and Rest Hours for vessels to provide signed/endorsed WRH reports for regulatory compliance.


  • IHM Material Declaration automation to increase efficiency.




How will this product update benefit you?

 BASSnet 2.11 SP2 is designed to help you more effectively manage operations, improve environmental performance and drive efficiency.

  • Stay compliant with OCIMF SIRE 2.0, CII and Work & Rest Hours requirements.


  • Save time and increase efficiency using automation.


  • Handily access valuable business intelligence from within BASSnet.


  • Benefit from powerful new features to increase efficiency.


Contact us today to upgrade your fleet management experience!

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