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Launch of the brand new BASSnet™ Web Portal

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OSLO, NORWAY; [16th October, 2018]: BASS, the leading provider of maritime software solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of the BASSnet Web Portal, the next step in accessible web solutions for a globalised shipping workforce.

With a modern and user-friendly design, the BASSnet™ Web Portal provides customers with the means to monitor their fleet’s pending approvals, alerts, compliance issues, discussions and KPIs anytime and anywhere, all from the convenience of a web browser. In addition, this solution is a responsive web application that optimises its content based on the screen real-estate available. Be it on a laptop, tablet or mobile device, a consistent and seamless user experience is ensured.

“’Mobility’ is the byword for software solutions in a globalised industry. Companies are managing fleets in multiple locations worldwide, with needs and issues that call for personalised, immediate action. With BASSnet™ Web Portal, we believe we have delivered a compact and reliable system for customers to access useful monitoring and updating features on-the-go”, said Per Steinar Upsaker, CEO and Managing Director of BASS. “With this portal, customers will save time and increase fleet productivity as they can immediately monitor their vessels from a distance on a computer or mobile device as long as they have access to the Internet.”

The Portal’s useful Home function provides a one-stop access point for a customer overview of fleet status and performance. With the My Approvals feature, the customer can not only view pending approvals for Procurement items but also approve risk assessments, and issue and reissue work permits. My Notifications and My KPIs are another two features that provide a bird’s eye view of outstanding tasks and fleet performance, respectively.

The Compliance feature makes it extremely easy to monitor non-compliance issues that might arise, including certificates that are overdue or coming due, and work and rest hours.  In addition, the My Discussions feature allows for instant interaction, enabling the customer to both view and reply to BASSnet™ messages immediately (for discussion-enabled modules).

Using the Portal, the customer can also easily drill down into BASSnet™ module specifics from a convenient side bar. Modules available have been curated to maximise efficiency and synchronicity with the BASSnet™ Fleet Management Systems.

With Maintenance & Projects, the customer can easily monitor re-planned jobs, corrective jobs, critical jobs coming due, critical spare inventory, overdue critical jobs and ongoing projects. They can also view helpful KPI charts on breakdown and maintenance of equipment.

Safety & Quality allows the customer to manage action items related to safety events, audits, inspections and vetting’s. Based on data from the BASSnet™ SAFIR module, KPI charts can also be generated.  The Environment feature provides an overview of the environmental impact caused by various gases emitted by vessels, and analyses the efficiency trends of these gases to further improve the customer’s carbon footprint.

At the click of a button, customers can monitor the day-to-day operations of vessels using the Operations feature by generating KPI charts on vessel performance and position, work & rest hours and certificate status. It has also never been easier to view invoices and requisitions using the Procurement feature. In addition, the Human Resource feature allows customers to keep up to date with vessel crew listings, and directly access BASSnet™ HR Manager to make crew sign on/sign off changes.

With the Administration feature, customers will have a useful snapshot of administration items, including Replication Status KPIs and a chart for Pending Approvals filtered by user.

“The BASSnet™ Web Portal has been optimised for quick navigation and synchronicity by utilising real-time data taken directly from BASSnet™ Fleet Management Systems,” noted Martin Bjoernebye, BASS’s VP of Research and Development.  “This makes the portal highly up-to-date and responsive. Customers will gain considerable efficiency from optimizing the borderless, instant availability of fleet data. “

Accessed quickly and easily on any Internet-enabled device, the BASSnet™ Web Portal is an incredible asset that places comprehensive BASSnet™ features and data at the customer’s fingertips for instant monitoring of fleet activity on a global basis.

About BASS

BASS, founded in 1997 with Norwegian heritage, is a leading global provider of fleet management software for ship owners and ship managers, as well as operators of rigs and floating production, storage and offloading vessels (FPSOs), and offshore units. More than 100 customers, including many of the world’s leading shipping companies and offshore service providers, run fully-integrated BASSnet™ Fleet Management Systems on more than 2,000 vessels around the world in order to manage their physical assets, operational processes and human resources, ensure regulatory compliance and improve financial results. For more information, please email or visit

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