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CoolCo Implements BASSnet HSEQ for Top Fleet Performance

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Cool Company Ltd (‘CoolCo’) is a leading LNG shipping company established in 2022. They handle both a large sized owned fleet of 11 ships, and significantly managed fleet of 17 ships/FSRUs.

CoolCo was already using a number of BASSnet modules for their vessel management previously. In 2023, the company selected BASSnet HSEQ modules to advance their fleet safety and quality.


The Need for A New HSEQ System

There was a need for CoolCo to switch to a better module to handle audits and inspections and a better solution for performing risk assessments.

Here are the reasons why:

  • CoolCo previously used two different tools to perform audits/inspections, an inhouse program and a second program that was primarily a document manager tool which lacked functionality. These tools did not speak to each other, and all observations and non-conformities had to be manually transferred between them.
  • A new tool was also needed for risk assessments, which previously had to be created as an excel form, printed out and combined with a Permit to Work. Incidents, near misses, and NC reporting was inadequate in the old program.
  • In addition, CoolCo’s previous HSEQ system did not communicate with BASSnet Maintenance module; Risk Assessments could not be connected.
  • Lastly, CoolCo’s data warehouse was partially populated from many different programs or sources, and this was not optimal.

All of these factors drove the need to switch to a new HSEQ system. Why BASSnet? Let’s find out more below.


The Benefits of BASSnet HSEQ


The top benefit of BASSnet, which was in line with CoolCo’s philosophy, is that it is a complete maritime ERP solution that is integrated to cover all major maritime areas from procurement to maintenance, safety and quality, dry docking and more. This would remove the need for customisation before usage, a significant benefit that saves time and costs.

It was also helpful that BASSnet was already used on board CoolCo vessels (BASSnet Procurement and Maintenance modules). As a result, CoolCo already had good infrastructure in office for BASSnet, along with in-house support providing helpful knowledge.

As most of CoolCo’s vessel management was handled within BASSnet, there was great synergy using the integrated ERP solution:

  • CoolCo could keep as many tasks and functions within the same system as possible.
  • The BASSnet Projects module was being implemented, replacing CoolCo’s previous Dry-Docking module.
  • BASSnet HSEQ modules were conveniently connected to the BASSnet Maintenance, Project and Document Management modules. Risk assessments and Permits to Work could therefore now be linked together with the BASSnet Maintenance module which would be a significant improvement, saving time and cutting the workload for crew on board.
  • Information gathering, near miss reports, NC’s, audit and inspections, drills and trainings, meetings and MOCs, and all relevant reports were gathered in a single BASSnet system. This was extremely beneficial as one system could feed CoolCo’s data warehouse with relevant information which in turn could be used to create relevant business intelligence reports.


BASSnet was in line with CoolCo’s philosophy, in that we could benefit from an off the shelf product which needed little to no customisation before it could be used.”

– Mr. Andreas Arnesen, Safety Superintendent, Cool Company Ltd


Successful Implementation

Implementation kicked off in February 2023 with a comprehensive BASSnet workshop attended by dedicated BASSnet personnel, CoolCo office personnel, and representatives from CoolCo’s vessels.

The system implementation was carefully structured to ensure smooth implementation including:

  •  The BASS team worked closely with CoolCo’s team to assist in populating their preferred settings (such as risk matrix, approval levels, access rights, and so on) into the new BASSnet HSEQ registers and system privileges. CoolCo used a test version of BASSnet extensively to test out all the populated settings, configurations, roles/privileges setup and so on before it was transferred to the live environment.
  • A complete database was successfully created.
  • When the test setup was completed, two ships were selected as pilot vessels for the BASSnet HSEQ roll-out. The pilot vessels were selected as suitable with good stable internet connection. Any problems that arose were then quickly identified and attended.
  • After the initial pilot phase was completed, it was perceived that the risk of rolling out the HSEQ module to the rest of the fleet was low.

The system was then successfully rolled out in July 2023 and has been running ever since.



Cool Company Ltd has been pleased to adopt the BASSnet system as their ERP solution of choice for a number of maritime areas. The move to switch to BASSnet HSEQ was a strategic means to advance their fleet’s safety and quality management. Indeed, BASSnet’s integrated nature and its rich functionality in comparison to their old software were some of the great benefits that drove the switch.

The implementation process for BASSnet HSEQ was largely structured and smooth.  CoolCo was pleased to enjoy great support from the BASSnet team with short and timely responses. Workarounds or solutions were successfully found for challenges encountered.

With this successful implementation, CoolCo very much looks forward to reaping the safety and quality benefits of the BASSnet HSEQ software to ensure top fleet performance.

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