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Product Update Announcement: New BASSnet Financials 3.2 Service Pack 1 is Released

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BASSnet Fleet Management Systems is an advanced, user-friendly ERP software that pushes the boundaries of maritime technology. BASSnet Financials is an integral module in this suite of solutions. We are excited to launch our latest product update.

BASSnet Financials 3.2 Service Pack 1 is now available for all users.


Enjoy greater control over your financial management and reporting

This product update includes valuable enhancements on Financial Reporting as follows:

  • New Budget Group feature to group multiple companies or multiple years’ budgets for reporting.

  • New Budget ‘Type’ to not only extract Budget data but also Forecast and Plan data, providing wider data comparison for business result evaluation.

  • Greater flexibility to customise reports by clone cell setup, and to copy cell setups from existing reports.

  • New mapping data elements on report related information are made available (apart from account balance).

  • New cell-based definition opens up the opportunity to slice and dice the extraction of account balance with various accumulation methods and multi-dimensional data combinations’ possibilities.

  • New account balance drilldown to ease and speed up the analysis of the account details.


How will this product update benefit you?

BASSnet Financials 3.2 Service Pack 1 is designed to help you more effectively manage your fleet’s payment process flow and ensure convenient financial reporting.

You will gain:

  1. Significant flexibility and convenience to customise reports using a new, modernised cell-based approach.

    • Enjoy greater convenience to map cells of the report template to specific account balance and other report related information as needed.
    • With this enhancement, users gain granular control over each cell in their financial report, allowing you to define specific parameters unique to each cell.


  2. The user-oriented and time-saving advantage of a hassle-free tool with a fast learning curve requiring only a minimum skillset to master the tool.

  3. The use of an even more intuitive UI for greater convenience and efficiency.

  4. The quick convenience to generate at the click of a button the essential reports required to fulfil the needs of internal and external reporting.

  5. Beneficial access to historical and predictive accounting data to perform measurement of business performance with greater accuracy.

  6. The business advantage to form trends and patterns when viewing accounting data, giving accurate and useful visualisation into business results.

  7. Financial reporting that adapts to the unique requirements of every organization to cater for the needs of generating a sophisticated set of financial reports.


Contact us today to upgrade your fleet’s financial management experience!

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