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BASSnet Highlight: Cybersecurity Protection with BASSnet SaaS

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BASSnet Software as a Service (SaaS) gives on-demand access to the powerful BASSnet ERP software in the Cloud anywhere in the world.  


Manage Your Cyber Risks 

With digitalisation comes cyber risks. Shipping companies must manage the risk of cybersecurity threats to avoid losses from a cybersecurity breach.  

Breaches could result in operational disruption, theft of intellectual property, data breaches, safety risks, and regulatory non-compliance. 

It’s important to stay protected.  

BASSnet SaaS comes with valuable cybersecurity protection. 


BASSnet cybersecurity

Powerful Defense in Depth 

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner, BASS is dedicated to protect you with valuable cybersecurity protection.  

With the latest Azure technologies, BASSnet SaaS natively supports*: 

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)   
  • Data encryption. 

*Please contact BASS for details on the applicable products.


Benefit from Added Security Measures 

BASS implements the following measures to further strengthen BASSnet SaaS’s security posture: 

  1. Network Segmentation and Protection 
  2. Endpoint Protection 
  3. Application Protection 
  4. Regular Software Updates and OS patching 
  5. Monitoring & Logging 
  6. Regular Backup 
  7. Employee Cybersecurity Education 
  8. Third-Party Security Assessments. 

Don’t risk your vessel data without putting the proper security measures in place.  

Reach out to protect your cybersecurity with BASSnet! 



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