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BASSnet Highlight: Customised Training Gives a Learning Advantage

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BASS Software offers a wide range of training services to ensure its customers can fully use the end-to-end BASSnet Fleet Management software system to the best of its capabilities. A top highlight is the BASSnet customised computer-based training (CBT).

Meet Crew Learning Goals

It’s essential to use maritime ERP software like BASSnet effectively for best results. However, every maritime company, and individual crew, faces unique challenges in meeting business requirements.

A personalised and learner-centric approach is needed to ensure crew can fully understand BASSnet based on their roles.

Unlike static off-the-shelf programmes, customised training effectively facilitates a company’s learning needs by providing a true fit for the organisation. BASSnet Customised Training brings value to maritime stakeholders by tailoring content to crew learning goals.

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Customised Training To Meet Business Requirements

With BASSnet Customised Training, customers gain bespoke training for any number of BASSnet modules to meet their specific business requirements.

Here are some examples of how BASS can customise the CBT for you:

  • align the CBT workflow with a customer’s internal processes
  • remove redundant workflow for features not in use
  • add user/role specific steps/instructions (for example, “Final Approval to be done by Superintendent”)
  • highlight steps/features based on a customer’s best practices
  • cater the training specifically to office or vessel users
  • customise post-training assessments and issue Certificate of Completion upon completion of each CBT
  • replace generic screenshots/data with customer’s BASSnet environment
  • create new CBT videos on topics not covered by the standard CBT
  • adapt the CBT for hosting on LMS systems for assignment and progress tracking
  • replace the standard text-to-speech voiceover with the company’s own professional voice actor.

A maintenance fee can be paid to update the customised CBT when the customer updates to a new BASSnet version.


Benefit From Customised Computer-Based Training

BASS is determined to enable their customers to productively use BASSnet to its full capability.

You can gain significant benefits from BASSnet Customised Training:

  1. Effectively close knowledge gaps
  2. Address department-specific skills
  3. Cater to company-specific processes
  4. Role-based learning
  5. Scenario-based learning
  6. Sensitivity to company culture and branding
  7. Specificity to organisational business and learning goals.
  8. Allow users to easily orientate themselves within the BASSnet User Interface.
  9. Ensure a sufficient level of competency upon completion of training.

BASS’s value-added training service brings a learning advantage to customers.

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