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Product Consultant (Maintenance & Projects)

Product Management

We are seeking a Product Consultant with a strong background in product planning and execution across the entire product lifecycle. This role involves gathering and prioritizing customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working collaboratively with sales, marketing, development, and support teams to achieve revenue and customer satisfaction targets. If you have a passion for driving and developing products, you could be the perfect fit for our team:

What should you have?

• Passionate About Product Development Strategy – Demonstrate a keen interest in crafting and executing effective product development strategies
• Product Roadmap Development – Skilled in defining and developing comprehensive product roadmap strategies
• Market Positioning and Analysis – Proficient in analyzing market conditions and competitors to strategically position products
• Product Strategy Alignment – Capable of assisting in the formulation of product strategies that align with organizational goals
• Product Delivery and Support – Understands and supports all phases of product delivery, implementation, and ongoing support.
• Competitor Analysis – Regularly monitors and evaluates competitor products to strengthen market positioning
• Technology Research – Engages in researching and incorporating new technologies to enhance product offerings
• Effective Communication – Possesses excellent communication and presentation skills, adept at explaining technical concepts to non-technical audiences.
• Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills – Strong analytical abilities with a focus on delivering customer-centric solutions.
• Client Relationship Management: Experienced in managing client relationships and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.
• Independent and Collaborative Work Style – Capable of working both independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment, effectively managing multiple priorities.

What do you need to qualify?

• Degree in Marine Engineering
• Minimum 7 – 8 years relevant working experience in maritime software / Maintenance/ Dry Docking Software Management
• Technical Background and experience in Merchant shipping and/or Oil and Gas Industry
• Experience in project management, demonstrated ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects including work prioritization, resource coordination, and planning.
• Excellent Communication and presentation skills
• Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
• Ability to manage multiple projects and prioritize tasks effectively
• Customer-oriented with a strong focus on client satisfaction.
• Strong appreciation of effective Business Processes Management using software solutions in maritime operations
• Knowledge of software ERP solutions (maintenance, procurement, safety, accounting, human resource, document management systems) will be an added advantage
• Overseas travelling is mandatory

Is the above relevant to you?  You are most welcome to apply online.

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