BASS – Streamlining Maritime Operations – Wong Nyuk Lan

Wong Nyuk Lan

Ms Wong Nyuk Lan

Vice-President, Services and Support

Mobile no: +60 12 282 0637
Direct line: +60 3 2173 6480

Ms. Wong Nyuk Lan is responsible for global implementation and consulting projects, customer services and support. She completed her diploma in Computer Studies in 1991. She has extensive experience with software development projects and customer support.

Prior to joining BASS, Nyuk Lan has held various technical and management positions in multinational companies, such as Song Cheng Enterprise, Resorts World Bhd and eGenting, at which her responsibilities included team leadership and the management of numerous development projects, ranging from financial systems, to human resources systems to CRM. When first employed at BASS in 2001, she was extensively involved in development projects, customer services and support.

Over the years, her responsibilities later extended to a number of other roles, including technical account manager and project manager for several implementation and consulting projects.


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