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Customer Success Stories

Our growing customer community worldwide

Over the years, BASS have successfully implemented different projects for customers worldwide. To name a few of our successes are as follows:

Stolt Tankers B.V


Customer Since: 2009
Status: Ship Operator
Type of Ship: Tankers

"We went LIVE with BASSnet 2.7 in 2010 and to-date we have the system up and running in the Offices and all Manage Fleets. Having then purchased almost the entire suite of BASSnet, we have found, over the years that the BASSnet Fleet Management software is indeed the system that best fits our requirements for tanker operations.

As a customer, we also purchased the upgraded versions right up to the current BASSnet 2.9 as the System increased in functionalities that maximized the operational efficiency of our fleet of tankers. Using the BASSnet system, we were able to stream and automate some processes, focus in reducing administrative paperwork, ensure regulatory and compliance, and generally have a better fleet status overview across the fleets.

With the intention of having a fully integrated software suite, we recently added on the new BASSnet Port Forms module which will be going LIVE in the near future. BASS has also lived up to its commitment to service quality and service excellence with a strong Service & Support team that worked closely with us during  implementation and has continued to provide good support services since then. We are now looking forward to the exciting new features in the upcoming BASSnet 2.9 SP2"

Jose Milhazes, Global Manager

Wilhelmsen Ship Management Ltd


Customer Since: 2000
Status: Ship Manager
Type of Ship: Bulk carriers, ROROs, LNGs, Seismic

"With BASS purchasing solutions, we have achieved significant productivity gains. We provide online purchasing services to superintendents, fleet managers and ships wherever they are located or set up their office. It is similar to creating a “virtual office” where we all work with the same real-time information through an electronic work flow. Transaction alerts and electronic vouchers enable the relevant user to approve purchase orders and payments online – wherever they are geographically located."

Mr Knut Persson, General Manager of Purchasing

“K” Line Ship Management Co. Ltd


Customer Since: 2003
Status: Ship Manager
Type of Ship: Bulk carriers, Containers, ROROs, LNGs, Tankers

“After a comprehensive evaluation of the leading maritime software companies, we selected BASS due to the suite’s functionality and forward-looking technology. We always take a long-term perspective when investing in our fleet – something that’s even more vital given the current global economic situation – and we’re confident that we’ve chosen the most robust software and the right strategic partner for our current and future operations.”

Satoru Kuboshima, President

Taiyo Nippon Kisen Co., Ltd (Subsidiary of K-Line)

Customer Since: 2001
Status: Ship Owner & Manager
Type of Ship: Bulk carriers, ROROs

"In less than 18 months, BASS produced planned maintenance databases of highest quality and scope for our fleet of 80 ships. We are impressed.”

Mr. Hiroshi Fukuda, Information Systems Division

NYK Ship Management Ltd


Customer Since: 2007
Status: Ship Manager
Type of Ship: Containers, LNGs, Tankers, Bulk carriers

"At NYK Ship Management, we continuously strive for improved performance. By implementing BASS' accounting and purchasing solutions, we expect to deliver positive results. BASS was chosen for its proven expertise to provide and support integrated business solutions within the maritime industry."

Capt. Nakamura, IT Manager

S.M.T. Ship Management


Customer Since: 2005
Status: Ship Manager
Type of Ship: Bulk carriers, Cement carriers, open hatch cargos

"Because SMT has offices in multiple locations, we sought a software solution that was both flexible and did not require a lengthy or expensive training process. BASS was selected after an extensive review of different suppliers. Now that the system has been implemented, we are confident that we can reduce costs related to purchasing and improve on our safety reporting."

Panayiotis Alexandrou, IT Consultant

Royal Norwegian Navy

Royal Norwegian Navy

Customer Since: 2003
Status: Ship Owner
Type of Ship : Naval warships (submarines, frigates, minesweepers, training & support vessels)

"As part of an initiative to improve safety, the Royal Norwegian Navy has chosen SAFIR. We have been able to generate many more reports than before, which is a very positive development. We have migrated from a rather labor-intensive manual reporting system to a computer-based system which has improved how we process and manage safety reports."

Commander Johan Loberg

CMA Ships


Customer Since: 2006
Status: Ship Owner
Type of Ship: Containers, Tankers, ROROs

“We always demand high performance and reactivity to our suppliers. BASS is delivering to our satisfaction on targeted budgets, and we have already started to obtain benefits of their solutions.”

Frederic Viet, Deputy Vice-President

Hapag-Lloyd AG


Customer Since: 2012
Status: Ship Owner
Type of Ship: Containers

“After a detailed evaluation process we identified BASSnet™ as the most complete and powerful fleet management suite in the market”.

Jens Habler, Senior Director IT Infrastructure & Operations Management

Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd


Customer Since: 2010
Status: Ship Owner
Type of Ship: Containers

“We had made a decision to replace our in-house software solution, and had been looking for a partner for a few years that can provide software integrity with local authorities and user-friendly features in an integrated solution that meets the complex needs of our entire ship operations. BASSnet™ gives us the entire package – including advanced crew management features that will help us streamline our operations.”

Tan Chor Kee, Deputy Managing Director

Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co KG


Customer Since: 2012
Status: Ship Owner/ Operator
Type of Ship: Bulk carriers

“After a comprehensive comparison of the suppliers and their systems, the decision was clearly made in favour of BASS Software because we think BASSnet™ is the fleet management suite in the market which is fitting our requirements best.”

Charles Jan Scharffetter, Fleet Manager

MSI Ship Management Pte Ltd


Customer Since: 2012
Status: Ship Manager
Type of Ship: Bulk carriers, Conventional Cargos, Chemical Tankers, FTS, General Cargos, IMO Type II, Oil Tankers, Product Tankers, SUSs, VLOCs, Woodchip Carriers

“We chose to work with BASS because they share a similar commitment to service quality and service excellence that complements our business strategies."

Li Kwok Hung, Managing Director

PT. Pelita Samudera Shipping


Customer Since: 2012
Status: Ship Manager
Type of Ship: Conventional Cargos, Floating Bulk Unloaders, Floating Loading Facility, Tugs

“After an extensive evaluation of the various fleet management software in the market, we are very pleased to have selected BASS’ software solutions to future proof our operations.”

Hans Peter Glipman Jorgensen, Director

OSM Ship Management Pte Ltd

OSM-logo edited

Customer Since: 2011
Status: Ship Manager
Type of Ship: Containers, Offshore

“The BASSnet™ software modules have proven their worth in terms of cost savings, higher productivity and streamlining of operations in our demanding business environment.”

Captain Rajan Mathrani, General Manager

Compagnie du Ponant


Customer Since: 2012
Status: Ship Owner
Type of Ship: Cruises

“The BASSnet™ strategy of building one, integrated solution for all maritime operations makes outstanding business sense. We look forward to enjoying the benefits of process improvements across all our operations with the implementation of BASSnet™ software solutions. With the structured implementation process adopted by BASS, we are confident that rapid conversion to the new software will be achieved in minimal time.”

Jean-Louis Cambert, CIO

Icon Ship Management Sdn. Bhd. (Subsidiary of Icon Offshore Berhad)

Icon Logo

Customer Since: 2013
Status: Ship Owner
Type of Ship: Offshore

“After evaluating the two systems, it was clear that BASSnet™ has a distinct edge, and we opted to adopt it across the fleet.”

Zaleha Abdul Hamid, Chief Financial Officer

Grindrod Shipping Pte Ltd

Grindrod Logo

Customer Since: 2012
Status: Ship Owner
Type of Ship: Bulk carriers

“Our choice of BASSnet™ is logical, as we are very confident of BASS’s array of products, having diligently appraised their presentations and conducted research of our own. Furthermore, our dry bulk 3rd party ship manager- Sandigan Shipping also uses the BASS systems to technically manage their vessel operations efficiently.”

Quentin Foyle, General Manager

Varada Ship Management Pte Ltd


Customer Since: 2012
Status: Ship Manager
Type of Ship: Tugs

“ We engaged BASS after surveying the field and confirming their good reputation with their other customers. We are glad that our choice has proven to be correct. BASS’ reputation for excellence is well deserved, and I foresee a long and fruitful relationship ahead.”

Santha Kumar, Technical Director

Rederei AB Veritas Tankers


Customer Since: 2010
Status: Ship Owner
Type of Ship: Tankers

“We believe that the BASSnetTM Fleet Management Systems will help us further improve the safety of our vessels and to facilitate the work for the crew members on board the vessels.”

Joakim Franzén, Safety and Vetting Manager

ABC Maritime


Customer Since: 2010
Status: Ship Owner & Ship Manager
Type of Ship: Offshore, Tankers and Bulk carriers

“BASSnet™ will help us optimize our processes, strengthen our cost control, enhance and expand our activities, consolidate our company and branch offices and much more."

Daniel Tanner, Coordinator & Leader of BASSnet Project


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